Sunday, May 20, 2012

North Carolina 2012 - Zoo / Horseback Riding / Soccer

The Asheboro Zoo is pretty amazing! They have 2 different areas of the zoo. One's Africa and the other is North America. The animals aren't enclosed in cages but in big kind of prairies. It's a long "hike"but really pretty.
Most of the kids who went
The alligator enclosure
On Saturday we had Parker's (my nephew) horseback riding (these are therapy horses) where we got to look and pet the horses.
 And after horseback riding was Camden's (my other nephew) soccer game. 
And this is what Carly looks like if I don't do anything with her hair or she pulls it out. Yikes!

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Aaron and Lindsey said...

How fun! I love that picture of Carly. What a cutie:-)...maybe I like it because that's how my kids look so often:-)