Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ooh, exciting!

Sorta random pictures. This is just a funny picture of Carly while we were getting some Pop Pops. She looks sorta rocker-ish! I'm not a huge fan of the ponytail on top of the head but she has been pulling out her pigtails like non other!
 We were going to get a mattress for my in-laws visit and lo and behold in the parking lot of the Target we were near, they had a huge event of Firemen and Policemen cars and such. There was a police boat, cars, fire truck, big ole' swat tank thing, and they even flew in a helicopter for it! The boys loved it!
In the helicopter
this helmet is so heavy he couldn't hold his head up! It was awesome! 
Landon think he wants to be a Fireman ... or a bowling guy.
The police boat
And a totally random picture of Carly. She is Such a Daddy's girl!!

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