Saturday, June 2, 2012


After Colorado, me and the kids drove on over to Utah to celebrate my sister graduating from pharmacy from University of Utah! Good times were enjoyed by all! We ate out at Cafe Rio, hung out at the pool, and me and the kids stayed with my sister-in-law.
Here she is on her big day!
Hanging out at Aunt Courtney's place watching a movie
When everyone had left (my parents and sisters), I hung out with my sister-in-law for a couple days. One of the things we did was go to Thanksgiving Point where they had a little "farm". It was a lot of fun. Carly's the only one who didn't enjoy the pony ride as much. Landon had to pick the largest pony he could find and Cody picked the smallest.

We also visited the Kennecot Mine which was a lot bigger than I thought! And to think that I'd lived in Utah over 5 years and had never been!
After spending almost a week up in Salt Lake, I went down to Orem to visit with some friends for a couple days. Here we are at Bridal falls.

And although I don't have any pictures of me and my friends, we really did have a good time. After this trip, we drove back on home and we're here to stay. John was just finishing up finals so it worked out quite nicely. one of the main reasons we left for so long (a month in trips) was because it was his last month in school for the semester and I knew he'd be busy. And he was! He had no fun at all! The next big thing in our life is having our baby at the end of September! Besides that, we are just planning on having a fun summer!

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