Sunday, August 23, 2009

80th B-day/Reunion

I finally have all the Florida pictures so I'm finally going to show all my readers (which I'm guesstimate would be around 2) how much fun we had! The first couple of days, we were just getting everyone in town. We came in on Thursday night with my mom and Dad. On Friday we just hung out while some more people came in town. I could not get enough of Landon and his cousin Riley. They were so cute together!
They both enjoyed being at the beach. After the beach, we'd let them play in a little blow-up pool my Aunt and Uncle got for them! So sweet! Landon could have stayed out there all day long. Him and Riley had a great time and hopefully Landon learned how to share from Riley! Thanks Scot and Becca for the AMAZING pictures you guys took.

Asher and Landon are on their way to being best buds!!!
(My Uncle Ron is holding Cody. Asher is being held by my brother Scot)

The surprise was the best part. My parents had gone down to pick up my Grandma and Granddad from Melbourne. My Granddad was not aware that my whole entire family had flown in! So we got sent up to a room and we decided that one by one, families would come out and surprise my Granddad. Let's just say that when you stick all of us in one room together, there's cameras, and there's no escape, you have some really good laughs! John and I were the first family out since we thought our cover had been blown.

Landon enjoyed all the balloons and would not put them down! He was so excited for them to finally get blown up!

The men in my life!

On Sunday, we took family pictures. It didn't go too badly actually! Here were some pictures from it.
This is all the family that came. My Grandparents, their 2 daughters and their whole family (which was mostly us) and my Granddad's sister and husband.

All the cousins

All my parents' grandkids

I just thought this was the sweetest picture of my grandparents!!

And then our family pictures


Courtney said...

First of all, I took 4 of those pictures you put up, so next time I would appreciate a shout out as well :) and second of all- you look GORGEOUS in your family pic.

Austyn said...

WOWZERS- what a good looking family you are! your kids are SOOO cute and their parents are smokin!!!!

Debsie Doodle said...

Cute family picture!