Sunday, August 9, 2009


Okay, so for the past couple weeks, we were in Florida to celebrate my Granddad's 80th birthday! Everyone flew out to surprise him. It was really fun! There was a lot of going to the beach, watching the kids, talking with family, playing games, and just having a lot of fun. I don't have all the pictures but here are a few. Hopefully I'll post more pictures when I get them.

Here's how the boys spent most of the time on our way to Jacksonville, Thank Goodness!

Here's Landon with his cousin Riley. He loved playing in the pool with her. This was how we'd clean him off after the beach.

My Aunt Debi and Uncle Ron took out all their old kids' toys. Those are Mr. Potato Head's glasses. Don't they look awesome! Someday he'll be wearing those!

Hey, anyone up for a walk?

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