Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just One Of Those Weeks

Do you ever have those days where you are so glad to be a mom? Yuor kids are just being perfect, they aren't crying or acting clingy or even whining! Yeah, I haven't had those days this week. Both kids just seemed to be feeding off of each other! Cody was clingy and Landon was whiny as all get out! But I saw these pictures and they made me smile. I have really good kids actually so I can't complain. I know I'm going to have a baby that was just like me and then I'll know what it's like having a colicky baby or just a difficult one. However, I married John and he was a very good and mild baby. Therefore, I have 2 kids who are both mild like their Daddy! Oh, and Cody is now sleeping all the way through the night. Actually, Cody and Landon are sleeping in the same room. They're pretty hard sleepers because when one wakes up, the other one stays asleep even if they're crying! So again, I don't have much to complain about but it's just been one of those weeks!
I don't think Landon wanted this picture of himself taken. He knows that we're going to show every picture of him to his future girlfriends some day and he didn't want this in the photo album. Too late sucker!

This is how he spends a lot of time. Lining up his blocks. He'll line up a lot of things, rocks, books, whatever you got! Is this normal? He's almost OCD about some things!

Just a small "photo shoot" on the chair. Cody's hoggin' all the attention.


Tami said...

It still cracks me up to see my boys' clothes on your kids :) And don't worry, it will get better in about...uh...3 years or so ;) By then, though, you'll have more little ones to cling to you ;)

Cheryl said...

Bryce lines things up, too. Especially his cars. It's amazing how straight he does it too. Maybe it's a boy thing?

Your boys are so adorable!

Kirsten and Steve said...

Sooo cute! You have such a beautiful family. It has been so good to get back in contact with you. We just moved so things have been crazy so it took me a while to get back to you but I hope that all is well with you!! I look forward to staying updated on your blog!

Jenny said...

Cody's eyes are SO blue!! Both of your kids are so handsome, even with their shorts on their heads.
My little brother lined everything up too...he is not OCD.
Sorry your week has been hectic. Daniel has started saying NO to everything...they change so fast!

sara said...

auntie sara needs to see her new mexican littles! so cute!