Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Can Come

It's over!!! I was in charge of the Christmas program again for this year. Last year, I wasn't so into it. I'd just had Cody via C-Section. Fun. This year, I was planning on only having 3 choir songs and making others contribute. That way I wouldn't have to do much! I only wished. I ended up playing for 5 other people along with conducting the 3 choir songs. I was also supposed to sing a song with someone but the program was a little too long and something had to be cut last minute. I and my singing buddy gracefully bowed out. It has been so hectic. Almost every night I had people coming over to practice. Add people (including the missionaries) coming over for dinner about once or twice a week, it led to some pretty crazy nights. But now I'm DONE! I can finally just relax and enjoy the holiday season, or what's left of it. I was very proud of the program though. There were a lot of people who came up and said it was the best program they'd ever heard which made me feel really good. I'm always so nervous to do anything in church because I always worry that it won't be good enough. Don't even ask me to speak in church because I get crazy, angry, nervous!!! It's weird.
On another note, I can finally catch up on the blog. Hence the next couple of post!


Megan said...

I'm so glad you had a great time! If anyone took pics, hope you post them on facebook. I also love Landon/Cody comparison, it's going to be so easy to add baby #3 & 4 now. :>

Parrish Family said...

I'm sure the program was just beautiful. You were always so good at music. Hope your holidays were good.