Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas 2009

So this is almost a month late but this is what we did for Christmas!
We went to the Botanical Gardens where they had the River of Lights. It takes them quite some time to put up all the lights and it's really incredible. It was very cold! See the sock on Cody's hand? We kept losing mittens. Landon really seemed to enjoy it.
On Christmas Eve, we had out traditional waffles which the boys love. We also always go out and look at the lights. One house we go to has live singing, Santa Claus, and apple cider! It's quite the production. Landon didn't mind Santa as much but Cody was having none of it. We went home and read the Christmas Story from the scriptures and put them to bed in their matching pj's.
Christmas morning, we went over to my parents house. I have to say that having a kid at Christmas is so much more fun! Every present Landon opened was like the most incredible thing to him. Mouth open wide in surprise and then as the present unfolds, ooh's and aah's of delightment! It was sheer happiness! John was taping most everything so we didn't have pictures but my sister's took pictures, which I don't have yet, so maybe I'll post those later if it doesn't get too late. I don't want to be posting Christmas pictures in March!

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