Sunday, January 17, 2010

2nd Week Of Christmas Break

The second week of Christmas break, we decided to head up to Utah. Here's how the boys spent most of their time.
They did really well. Cody started losing it when we were on our last leg (going through the canyon) but thankfully we were going to my friend's house in Spanish Fork which was great! It was so nice to see her. I wish I could see her more often.
One of my favorite scenes along the way is when you're coming up on Moab. There are these mountains that are beautiful. I have other pictures of these mountains but not covered in this much snow or at this time of day.
We discussed what we were to do while in Utah since we were just "hangin out". It seemed like everything was based around food. We had to go to Cafe Rio, Gandolfo's, In N' Out, and we even hit Kneaders.

Landon's first taste! And it's GOOD!

We hung out with family. We were luckily able to see almost everyone in John's family! It was great! Here is Cody with his Aunt Sara and Landon with his Great Aunt Sally.

The boys loved playing with the cousins. Landon was being a show-off and showing everyone how he knew his letters and sounds so well (thank you iphone app).

John was able to go to a car show and he was estatic to sit in one of these!!!!

We went to the aquarium which Landon loved and Cody was more like, eh.

And of course, I had to hit up IKEA! Landon was especially taken with this leaf that covered your bed. He LOVED it. He also loved laying down on beds and saying "I cute!". The first couple times it was funny. By the 10th time, it was starting to just get annoying. But, he is cute!

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sara said...

yes! i got a shout out! it was so good to have y'all come visit. hopefully it'll happen again soon :)