Sunday, February 7, 2010

Monthly Update

I thought I'd keep my blog updated better but here's the happenings in the Vranes family.

Cody's first haircut! It's only been 14 1/2 months! We finally did it. I was mostly scared to cut it because I didn't want him to look bald and I didn't want my little baby to look like a little boy. The final draw was when someone mentioned how cute she was. He was beginning to get some legnth in the back. I could have probably put it in pigtails!
Look at that length in the front!! And the happiness to get the back cut!
He kept himself occupied with John's phone. And he's still happy!
A couple more snips and done! Doesn't he look pleased with the results?
I also got my hair cut. I haven't really taken any good pictures of it yet but Landon helped me out and took a picture of me! Don't be too frightened by it.

We left the kids with a friend for the night and went to Durango for some boarding and skiing! I haven't been in 10 years and it's been 6 for John. See that little hill behind me? Didn't look too little when I was up there! I was really timid in the beginning but I still kept up with everyone. By the end, I was doing pretty good! I was super impressed with John. He was really good and he's only gone twice! It was a great day and we were exhausted.

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sara said...

you're short hair looks great!