Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Although I'm not a big Valentine's Day person, I did carry on a tradition that my parents did for us. Every year on Valentine's Day, we'd come downstairs and at our place at the table, there were chocolates. It was always so exciting to get them. There they'd be, one at each of our places at the table just screaming to get eaten! They were always the same kind of chocolates too. It was 5 chocolate hearts wrapped in pretty pink and red foil. After each chocolate was eaten, I'd take the foil and gently scrape out all the wrinkles so it was as smooth as possible. So this year, I tried to find these chocolate hearts but didn't fine any in a flat box like I'd grown up with. So I found 2 hearts (one for each boy) that had 5 chocolates in them and gave them to the boys this year. We waited till after church to give it to them and they sure did enjoy it. Next year I'll have to be a little more prepared and look a little harder for the chocolate hearts wrapped in foil in a flat box.
All these men/boys in my life. I am one lucky woman!! I sure am glad I married John and although I don't need a Holiday set aside to let him know I love him but I do LOVE HIM!

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Tami said...

I remember heart boxes with chocolates in them...which is what Camden got. Hmmm...maybe mom and dad got you better stuff when you got older? BTW, like your haircut-looks like mine used to! :)