Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Photographer In The Family

Landon absolutely loves to take pictures of anything. I catch him many times on my phone taking pictures or on our camera taking random pictures. I thought I'd share some of these incredible pictures. Life from the perspective of a 2 year old:
Here we are saying goodbye to Elder Kasparian.

Our carpet and John's shorts. Totally random I know.
I thought this was VERY artistic. He has his foot and John's foot in the same photo. It could be very deep.

The lamp that stands all alone in front of the window? I don't know!!! It could be artistic!

Of course pictures of us! Like the hand block? Didn't mean it.

And this is what Landon's view must look like all the time.

Half the time we don't realize Landon's taking pictures until he tells us to say "cheese" in which we turn around and try and get ourselves in view of the camera while twisting every which way. Poor 2 year old! Always having to look up at us. His neck must hurt.


Shane and Michelle said...

That is hilarious! It is interesting to see what the 2 yr old sees..legs and feet most of the time. LOL No worries about the babysitter. We've come and gone since then. We used an babysitter we knew when we lived there so it all worked out! :)

Jenna said...

I think there is some potential there :) That's cute. It would be interesting to see what Weston would take pics of. If only I trusted him with our camera :)

sara said...

he's great! i love that foot one. his little curled up toes. so great!