Saturday, February 5, 2011

Coldest Weather EVER!

This week has been pretty crazy! On Tuesday, it started snowing. We were supposed to get even more on Wednesday but it never came. However, it was cold. Very, very cold!!! And schools/work ended up being cancelled for 4 days! Of course John got to go to work everyday because he's special like that. He did not get off. However, there were some business's that were without gas and a lot of houses that were too. And pipes began to freeze. We have been lucky and have not had any pipes freeze.
The boys got to go sledding for the first time ever. On Wednesday, I brought them over to my parents house. We went to a hill that I always went sledding on growing up. We only stayed maybe 10 minutes because it was COLD!!!! The boys had a lot of fun. Landon went down with my Dad first and I took Cody down for his first time. It was really funny because Cody was really nervous and as we were going down, he screamed this really girly scream. But then he started laughing and was okay. Carly stayed with my Mom at their house because like I said, it was COLD!!!
This was pretty much all the snow we got. Not much!
And this was the temperature.

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