Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Time Bowling

We took the boys bowling yesterday and they LOVED it! They were super excited but mostly about the ball coming back through that ball return thing. They would throw the ball and then hurry over to it to see the ball come back even though the ball hadn't even reached the pins.
Here they are ready to go with their adorable little bowling shoes!
Cody patiently waiting for his turn. He's up!
Pushing it down. He's saying "there it goooes!" It's too funny when he says it too. In a little sing-song voice.
Yeah! He did it! And doing the funnest thing in bowling, watching for the ball to come back up.


Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

OH! I should take Edward bowling. I think he would love to watch the balls come back, to!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

I love those tiny bowling shoes!! They are totally adorable with those little excited faces! I love that the bowling ball is almost as big as your little guy...(c: And thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate the support and it always means so much more coming from people I actually know! (c:

Shane and Michelle said...

That is SUCH a good family home evening idea for an activity. We have a bowling alley down town but i think we've only gone once. Your boys are so handsome! And Tiffany you look AMAZING!!

Natalie said...

That's so fun. I love bowling. I bet your boys loved it.