Sunday, August 7, 2011

Picture Overload

There hasn't been much that we've been up to this last couple weeks. But there has been lots of playing, reading, and sleeping going on! So here are some pictures that show all the excitement and fun we've had!
These boys love reading and LOVE playing together! I'm so glad they're so close!
Cody will sit on Landon's lap just for fun.
I love how kids fall asleep anywhere and anyhow. Carly fell asleep in the middle of the room while I was vacuuming upstairs.
Making funny faces for the camera.
Oh my goodness this kid cracks me up! I don't think these pictures need any explanation!
Bed time! Baths and brushing teeth.
I think they were collecting rocks in their buckets. Love that they are still in their pj's and Cody's only half dressed. Such fun.


Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

Oh your kids are so cute! AND I am so jealous that they just fall asleep! Someday... someday that will happen for me!

Jenna said...

The goggles and backwards underwear remind me of Weston. Your kids are getting so big. We had a fun time with Johnny when he was here and we missed seeing you!

Cheryl said...

So cute! The backwards undie wedgie is my favorite, though.

And you are so right about the crazy stage our babies are at! I'm trying to focus on how cute he is and not how much he's making me crazy!

Courtney said...

But Cody is in underwear!

Beka said...

Funny! Thanks for posting those pictures. Can't wait to see you guys again.

Jessamie said...

You have such cute kid-o's! They look so full of life, love it! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I would love to give you a little info on the paint colors and such. Send me an email: