Sunday, September 18, 2011

9 and 10 months

I didn't post anything for her 9th month but in my defense, she didn't do too much that month anyways! Well, she did start eating table food, started climbing stairs (oh joy), clapped her hands for the first time, got her first tooth brush, and getting in to EVERYTHING!!! See? Nothing happened in her 9th month! So her stats for her 9th month weren't actually done until she was 9 1/2 months old. It takes a really long time sometimes to get an appointment with her pediatrician. See, my kids' doctor is really cool. He's got an accent, need I say more??? I mean, the first time I met him with Landon, he said "why hello Landon" in this sweet English (maybe Australian?) accent! I knew he was the doctor for us. It was just too cute! So, I will wait an extra couple weeks before I see him because he's the coolest! And he listens to me when I'm panicking about strange things. What strange things you ask? Hmmm, a little too personal for the blog! So anyways, after I asked my strange questions to him, I asked him her stats. I know, long story just to see what her stats are. Now I've built it all up! Anyways ... she's in the 95% for height and 25% for weight. So she's finally back in the same "bracket" for height again from her 6 month checkup. Or, they just measured her wrong at her 6 month checkup. She's tall and skinny just like Landon.
So that was her 9th month. I know you're all squealing "Tiffany, Tiffany, oh my gosh we want to know more about Carly!!!" Don't stress. There's a whole other month still left! Although the story about my pediatrician probably won't be beat.
So this month, she got her first top tooth. I know, exciting, right??? I was running around the house with her super excited. She was really excited for it too. That meant that she could now feed herself table food even if I had already put it in her mouth! It's this fun game she likes to play. I put something in her mouth, she takes it out, looks at it, then if she decides it's good enough, she'll stick it back in her mouth. Things that this doesn't work well with: rice cereal, baby fruit, baby vegetable, baby food in general! She now climbs up the stairs regularly. Many times, we have to catch her before she tries to go down the stairs face front. Completely normal of course. She learned to clap just yesterday "on command". She's really proud of it too. She's walking along furniture and has gotten more gutsy to go from the couch to the ottoman or a chair. She loves it when her brothers "yell" her name. I hate it but she just laughs her head off. I love seeing her play with toys. It is the cutest thing to me to see her with something in her hands and she's just turning it around and around with great curiosity. Daisy is one of her good friends (the dog, not a little girl. That'd be super weird especially with the next sentence). Daisy will "let" Carly pet her and Carly lets Daisy lick her (again, Daisy is the dog). There must be some yummy food that's stuck in her hair or on her legs, or face. It makes me very happy that my daughter is getting her bath from a dog. Nice.
And now, pictures of her last couple months. I'll let you guess which ones are the 9 month ones and which ones are the 10 months ones. I mean, there's a huge difference between the 2! It'll be soooo easy to tell!
And in case you had any doubts (because I totally would)


Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

No way, clapping!? We have been working on that for weeks! Oh she is SO CUTE!!!! Wow, I can't believe our babies are 10 months old!! That went by way too fast!

Tami said...

Too funny....very cute. When are you bringing them out here for an extended visit?

Debi said...

Too adorable! By the way, did you find your rings or are those replacements?!? Love you, Aunt Debi