Sunday, November 20, 2011

Carly's 1st Birthday

Wow! I know I say this way too often but time has flown by! It's weird to think that Carly is already 1 and not a little baby anymore. Although, until we have another baby, she'll still be our baby. At her 1 year appointment she was 10% for weight and 95-97% for height. She has so many facial expressions we can't capture them all. She rough houses with her brothers. It's hard to get mad at her when she's the one who causes one of the boys to cry. Although there was this one time when she grabbed a truck or something in her hand and then went right over to Cody and hit him over the head with it. She loves to turn the TV off and on which the boys don't like very much. She gets into EVERYTHING! Much more than either of the boys did. She pulls stuff off of shelfs, tables, desks, you name it! The other day, she had reached all the way up on the table and pulled off a cup of water. Nothing is safe anymore. She's not walking yet but she does stand on her own. She loves to "talk" and I swear has said Daisy. If you all remember that's our dog. She feeds our dog her food nightly and Daisy anticipates her dropping at least a couple bites. She's a good sleeper still. She wakes up around 9 and still takes 2 naps during the day.
I decided for her birthday she would like spaghetti. Which kid doesn't? Oh, yours? Well, my kids do like spaghetti so that's what I made. She made a mess of course but she was going to make a mess with her cake anyways so who cared!
Her many different faces. Okay, these are not all really that different but look how cute she is!!!!! And a totally random one of Cody making a ... face.
The cake.
What am I supposed to do with this?
First bite.
Nice, in the hair!
Who wants to play peekaboo?
I'm right here!
Wait, where am I again??
The last messy picture.
Opening presents. Of course Landon is there to help out with any present opening!


Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

Happy Birthday!! How fun! I really can not believe a whole year is over! Our babies are toddlers now...

Jason said...

Great shots of the peekabo sequence.