Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving and Santa

Parents House: 12:00
Chips and Dip: 12:30
Thanksgiving Dinner: 2:20 (not bad considering we were aiming for 2)
Cleanup: All afternoon!!
Thanksgiving was at my parents house again this year. I made the pies, homemade pumpkin pie (and by homemade I mean from a real pumpkin) and strawberry rhubarb (with rhubarb from my parents backyard). Both were very yummy. I also brought over some Hickory Farm cheese spreads with crackers and the chips and dip. Are you hungry now? Go get a snack and I'll wait.

Done? Right after dinner we attempted to take pictures. As you can see, we need to invest in photoshop. I need to learn how to photoshop the best faces onto each person. I love how John and I tried to squish Landon in the second picture.
So this is a big no no in my opinion but I did it anyways. I took the kids to see Santa before Thanksgiving. GASP! I LOVE Christmas but I hate that it starts after Halloween now! I don't like when Christmas decorations start appearing and I hear Christmas music in every single store. You know they're just trying to get you to buy more stuff!! It's still fall people! And there's still Thanksgiving! Okay, now to the reason why I'd ever let me kids see Santa before Thanksgiving. I was at the mall with a friend the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and I saw Santa there. I was shocked he was already there but there was no line. I was so excited about the possibility of seeing Santa without having to wait 2 hours or being turned away or coming 3 times (see this post), that I decided we were coming back the next day with a camera and looking nicer than they did. I let the boys talk to him with the promise of taking pictures tomorrow. Flash forward to Wednesday, we are seeing Santa for the second time with only 2 people in front of us. AMAZING! And that is the story about why I did something Christmassy before the Christmas season. Now, we can concentrate on more important things.
Just the boys
Classic shot. Of course when you put a small child in the lap of a scary looking man with a beard they're going to cry. It was only for a couple seconds though and then she started really screaming. Santa says he remembers us from last year when Carly was about 1 month old! I wonder if he really did or just wanted to make be feel special.


Natalie and Ryan said...

This is a super cute post. I love the pictures of your family and kids. I love how you hate celebrating Christmas's kind of funny, but true. We should just focus on one holiday at a time, huh? Your kids look really cute with Santa. I love your boy's matching sweaters. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I hope you are doing well and having a fun holiday weekend.

Austyn said...

There is no way you've had three kids. You look amazing. Love the blonde hair too!! Can't believe how big the kids are and so adorable! We've gotta figure out a way to get these kiddos together soon.

Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

Awesome! I love the classic crying pictures. I think both my boys would cry....