Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cody's 3rd Birthday

Cody's birthday is the next in November after John and I. He turned 3! And he's as cute as ever still. The way he talks is just too funny to me. He has the funniest intonations (I think that's the right word?). He's been potty trained for quite a while. He loves doing "reading lessons" with me. Although, he isn't half bad at them. Landon and Cody have so much fun together. Right now, he's into trains and big cars/garbage trucks/trucks. He has a huge imagination and I usually find myself feeding his train, or making sure that his clifford comes along so he won't be sad. You know, normal stuff! He's such a night owl and doesn't always wake up in the best mood if he's been woken up. He normally sleeps in till anywhere between 8:30-9:30. I LOVE this age and don't want him to get any older right now!!!! He's just so dang cute!
Licking off the candles from his cake and ... well Carly being cute.
I think Landon's face is hilarious! It's just a card that Cody's opening up.
One of the cards he received. He got to stick on the stickers. Another card he got, he got to color! Such cute cards!

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Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

Wow, 3!!! Wow, wow, wow... I haven't seen you in such a LONG time. Maybe I will call you tomorrow...