Friday, November 30, 2012

Balloon Fiesta 2012

This is what happens in the fall here in Albuquerque. We get hot air balloons landing right behind our place! The first week in October is the Balloon Fiesta. Since we'd just had Caleb, we decided we weren't going to go to the balloon park this year and see the balloons off.  I didn't want to get out there after just having had a baby like a week before!! I guess they just had to come to us! 
This is just over our backyard fence
Looking out from our window
There were people parking and getting out on our street to help them
One of the fun things to do, help deflate the balloon!
Taking pictures in our jammies by the balloon
You can't really tell but that's Landon in the middle helping push the balloon into the bag.
And he's in there somewhere! Almost completely covered.
Picture with the pilot of the balloon. See that tree behind her? The balloon almost hit that, and the fence behind there too!

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