Friday, November 30, 2012

Caleb at 1 month

My goodness I'm behind on posting! I'm going to forget everything about him if I don't write it down!
I attempted a photo shoot with him since his scab finally was gone. He's 2 1/2 weeks here. If I do say so myself, I'd say they turned out not half bad. Now if I had editing skills, or an actual program that did do editing (we don't have one), they'd probably look better. But oh well! 
I just love the wrinkles on his forehead! Not great lighting in this picture but he looks so darn cute!!!
Is that a little smile I see?

 Okay, photo shoot over. He's such a cutie! In his first month, he slept a lot. The first week was tough as it has been with all the kids. I've been asked a lot how it's been with 4 kids now. It's about the same as having 3. It doesn't matter if it's your first, fourth, or tenth kid. Newborns are tough! Just glad that part is over. Phew! He slept awfully the first month. Every 2-3 hours he was up during the night. I guess that's pretty normal for newborns though so I shouldn't say he slept awfully but he slept like a newborn! He doesn't suck on a pacifier which makes it hard for him to figure out what to do on those rare occasions that he is awake and not eating. All the siblings are getting along fine with him. Carly has shown the most interest. She wants to hold him a lot but when she gets him, within about 2 seconds she's saying, "ah done", and starts pushing him off of her. We did his baby blessing at 3 1/2 weeks. My in-laws came to visit twice. Well, my mother-in-law came after he was born to help out and then both my MIL and FIL came in town for the baby blessing. I was sleep deprived and hating  nursing, as I always do, the first month. About the 3-4 week mark, nursing started getting a little better, as in I didn't want to stab myself in the eye every time I nursed him. It was an improvement and I powered through!
Cody's trying to make him take a pacifier. I wish he would!
Sleeping cause that's what he does best (well, not the best but what he does the most in between eating every 2-3 hours)
Another sleeping picture because, what the heck is going on with his hands!
Trying to get a picture. I swear I did sorta get ready! 


Julie Barnes said...

oh he is SO Adorable!! You have your hands full! We should get together someday!

Kerstin Miller said...

such a cutie! congrats!!